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back in action

2014-03-31 18:18:49 by beerboydank

hey guys i know ive been on hiatus way longer then any of us wanted but i assure you im back and im working on a new video for you guys. its better then my pther videos but will be crap compaired what i will be working on in the future.

where the fuck have i been?

2013-04-04 12:38:36 by beerboydank

ive been without a computer for a long time now, im going out of my mind.... but im back hanginging with mr-shark so hopefully something comes out soon... i hope.

artwork comeing soon

2011-05-08 21:25:49 by beerboydank

so ive been working on some artwork an i have a scouter looking into it but for now i nee to uploa it an well its not working but i assure you it is comeing

flash series comeing soon

2011-04-13 23:22:00 by beerboydank

well i gotz some flash videos in the works now my old project ive decided to open again still name-less is getting finished with a visual tuch-up and im starting a series called "Friends on the out side" hope that you guys really like it should be funny since im working with mr-shark. his stuff is to the link below

flash series comeing soon


2011-01-03 21:54:40 by beerboydank

ok so its been like a year since makeing a flash film but no worries fans... hello any fans out there... anyway i dont have flash on my computer so i wont be makeing another flash for awhile.

new flash comeing soon

2010-01-13 05:23:48 by beerboydank

im taking a new approach to my flash videos, adding more detail, more violence, and hopefully more funny shit, over-all it will be a better flash film i know that no-one cares but it makes me feel better writing this.

oh my god so excited my Christmas flash is done... watch it watch it watch it

heres the newgrounds link

Mr.Mask EP. 2 Xmas Spaicel... yeah its spelt wrong

woot woot

Christmas flash comming soon

2009-11-23 18:16:17 by beerboydank

well with the launch of my first flash film there will be a new christmas flash on its way hopeing its done before christmas.

trust me the christmas flash will be a better flash then my first flash.

new flash video coming soon

2009-11-17 23:51:31 by beerboydank

(:D) new flash video coming soon sorry no sneek peek (:D)